Projects – English

Linux on z Performance Measurement and Analysis. Software and Hardware Manufacturer, Germany, 2015 – 2017

Linux for z (SLES and RHEL), Linux for x86 (SLES and RHEL), Various Open Source Products (i.e. MariaDB, PostgreSQL , LAMP Stack, Apache TomEE, etc.), zVM, IBM z Series Systems (z14, z13, LinuxOne, EC12), DB2 LUW, DashDB, etc.

  • Install, upgrade and configure Linux for z and x86 OS’es on different hardware
  • Install, upgrade and configure various Opensource products on Linux and run benchmarking tests
  • Optimise various Opensource products for performance

Managing Director for EMEA Support,  zSystems, Linux and Cloud. Software and Hardware Manufacturer, USA 2015 – Ongoing

zPDT, Rational Developer and Test for z (zD&T, RD&T), System ReDD, zOS, zVM, zVSE, Linux for z, OpenSUSE, Intel based hardware incl laptops

  • Responsible for zPDT, System ReDD and zD&T in the EMEA region

Software Trainer. Insurance, Germany 2016

Provide training for the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Linux on z
  • Introduction to TSO and ISPF/PDF
  • Introduction to Omegamon for DB2 Performance Expert

zOS Technical Support – Monitoring and System Automation. Insurance, Germany 2010 – 2015

z/OS, Omegamon (MVS, DB2, IMS, CICS), Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring, Tivoli License Metric Tool, Tivoli System Automation

  • Provide support for all Omegamon product currently being used – z/OS, DB2, CICS and IMS: installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Provide support for Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring on z/OS: installation and configuration including creation of monitoring situations to be shown in TEC
  • Creation of monitoring solutions for inhouse applications, i.e. printing subsystem, JES2 and NetView using TEMS, NetView and TEC
  • Provide technical support for the installation of a GDPS system: configuration and customisation of Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
  • Installation, configuration and support for IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool

Consultant. Retail, Switzerland. 2011

IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool

  • Installation, configuration and training of ITLMT on AIX

Consultant. Insurance, Germany. 2010 – 2011

z/OS, VTS (3494, TS7740,) DFSMS, REXX

  • Support the migration of a Virtual Tape Library from an 3494-B10 to a TS7740 across 3 sysplexes
  • Analyse the existing VTS and create a migration plan for all types of data on tape (i.e. DFSMSdfp, DFSMShsm, DB2, IMS, etc)
  • Change all subsystem routines to use the new system but still able to access the old system (i.e. DFSMShsm, ACS constructs, etc.)
  • Create procedures in REXX to automate the migration of the data including comparison of old and new data

Consultant. Insurance, Switzerland. 2011

IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool, AIX

  • Technical Information Exchange for customer wanting to install ITLMT

Consultant. Manufacturing, Germany. 2009

IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool, Microsoft Windows, Linux

  • Provide support (installation and configuration) for IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool on Windows and Linux

WebSphere Technical Support. Government Departments, Germany. 2009

WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Process Server, Debian Linux for zSeries, z/VM, IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool

  • Provide support (installation, configuration and tuning) for WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server and WebSphere Process Server running under Linux for zSeries
  • Provide support to users of WebSphere applications
  • Installation and configuration of IBM Tivoli License Metric Tool
  • Provide support where required for Debian Linux for zSeries
  • Installation and configuration of TSM for zLinux

Software Tester, Developer and Support. Software and Hardware Manufacturer, Germany. 2007-2008

z/OS, GDPS, Linux for zSeries and Intel (SLES9 and 10, RHEL4 and 5), Microsoft Windows, CCMDB, BCPM, SA IOM, System Automation, NetView, Omegamon, Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring, IOOPS

  • Provide test, development and infrastructure support for a number of projects

Project: System Automation for Integrated Operations Management

  • Define and create SVT test cases, i.e. write all test case programs
  • Set-up test case environment – hardware and software
  • Perform SVT
  • Create regression test bucket and perform regression testing on all fixpacks
  • Provide 3rd level support for SA IOM

Project: System Automation for I/O Operations (IO OPS)

  • Define and create SVT test cases, i.e. write all test case programs
  • Set-up test case environment – hardware and software
  • Perform SVT on new versions of IO OPS and test APARs for IO OPS

Project: Business Continuity Process Manager (BCPM)

  • Define SVT, CVT, FVT and IVT test cases
  • Create SVT test cases – write all test case programs
  • Set-up test environment – hardware and software
  • Install and configure GDPS, System Automation, NetView, Tivoli Monitoring and Omegamon on zOS
  • Install and configure middleware (DB2, Oracle, LDAP, WebSphere) CCMDB, TADDM, ITM, ITIC and BCPM on Linux for zSeries, i386 Linux and Windows Platforms (including VMWare)
  • Perform SVT, FVT and IVT
  • Perform IVT for CCMDB on Linux for zSeries
  • Provide input to developers and architects for new functionality
  • Give training to internal sales, support personnel and business partners
  • Provide support to other departments for various software products (CCMDB, TADDM, ITIC, DLAs, etc.)

zSeries and zFrame Technical Solutions Consultant. Software and Hardware Manufacturer, EMEA. 2003-2009.

SCO Unixware and Openunix, SuSE Linux, Redhat Linux, Fundamental Software FLEX-ES, z/OS, OS/390, z/VM, VM/ESA, VSE, Linux for zSeries

zSeries Systems Programmer. Machinery Manufacturer, Germany. 2003-2005

OS/390, z/OS, DB2/UDB, z/VM, REXX, TCP/IP, TSO, JES2, SMP/E, RMF, ISPF, DB2 Performance Monitor, DB2 Control Centre, etc.

zSeries Systems Programmer. Auto Manufacturer, Germany. 2003

OS/390, z/VM, Linux/390, JES3, DB2, CICS, IMS, VSAM, REXX, TCP/IP, VTAM, Omegamon, Netview, etc.

Systems Developer. Credit Card Processing, Germany. 2001-2002

OS/390, TSO, ISPF, REXX, COBOL, DB2, Install/1, etc.

Mainframe Consultant. Software and Hardware Supplier, Germany. 2001

DB2 for S/390 Technical Specialist. Software Supplier, Germany. 2001

VM Systems Programmer. Software Supplier, Holland. 2001

VM/ESA, VM:Webgateway, REXX, HTML, etc.

Software Developer. Software Supplier, Germany. 2001

Microsoft Windows NT Server (SNA Server), Microsoft Windows Developer Studio, C, APPC LU6.2 (CPI-C), etc.

Systems Programming. Software Consultancy, Germany. 1999-2001


  • Project: Bank – VM Systems Programming
  • Project: Bank – OS/390 Systems Programming
  • Project: Bank – Network Systems Programming Support

FTAM Administrator. Telecommunications, Germany and UK. 2000

Microsoft Windows NT, FTAM, Telebill t-elmi-e, Borland BDE, ISDN card and support, etc.

VM Systems Programmer. Travel Services, Germany. 1999

VM/ESA, VM:Manager, TCP/IP, ADSM, RSCS, OfficeVision, Lotus Notes, REXX, VM:Webgateway, etc.

Software Consultant. Software Manufacturer, Germany. 1998-1999

VM/ESA,VM:Manager Products (Sterling Software)

Systems Programming. Software Consultancy, Germany. 1996-1998

MVS, OS/390, COBOL, REXX, DB2, TSO, ISPF, JCL, Xpeditor, VM/ESA, VM:DB, VM:Manager, SQL/DS, VTAM, RSCS, OfficeVision, SoftSwitch, ISPF, Lotus Notes

  • Project: Bank – VM Systems Progammer
  • Project: Bank – Application Developer Project Leader

Automation Analyst. European Space Agency, Germany. 1989-1996

VM/ESA (also VM/XA and VM/SP), VM:Manager, VTAM, REXX, RSCS, OfficeVision, ISPF, Lotus Notes, MVS, JCL, AS, Oracle, AF/Operator, AF/Remote, SOLVE, etc.

Operations Consultant. Government, England. 1988-1989

MVS, CA-1, Infoman, JCL, TSO, etc.

Senior Operator. Retail, England. 1988


Shift Leader. Re-Insurance, England. 1988


Stock and Systems Manager. Retail, England. 1987

Senior Operator. Credit Services, England. 1987


Shift Leader. Industrial Business Services, England. 1981-1987